I will Review thiS VideO & SOng! But, I’m so Glad to See, Keyshia BaCk in the GAme & back to her Old ways! WAsn’t sure, that lil stunt, she was trying to pull with her Last Album! Gettin All HAppy on us!  Most of KeyshiA Cole Fans are depressd, Young Girls in the Hood, like Myself, lol! &, these are the songs, that get us through our tough Times! & PS: Keyshia, YOUR BAby Fatha Gwarl, YES YES & YES! ———>>  WHAT YA THINk?

2 responses »

  1. mizzomg says:

    this is da keyshia cole i lik not dat shit wit nicki

  2. keyshia'd diamond says:

    Well as ya’ll can see above I’m 1 of keyshia’s diamonds 4rm #teamkc & #teamkeyshiacole love the sonq love the lyrics love the video &catch the kiss @the end beautiful &cant w8 4the cd callin all hearts in stores december 22 2010


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