Your right, I know nothing about that Ass! &, if I did, I want a Chick who’s real about her shit! Bitch, you know, you have Stretch Marks on that Ass! Why Do Chicks, try to take these Perfect Pictures, when, Look whatever, I’m over it!

(UPDATE) ——–>>> to thAt Person, that Left the Comment, SHUT THE FUCK UP! Any1 that Knows me kNOW, if i was a Woman, everything will be Fake!  My HAir, My Breast, my everything! If you Paid Attention to what i said, you Stupid FUck, i was speakin on the Picture! As far as, tryin to make the Picture EXTRA Clear, to the Point where, you see No Marks on her Body! Everybody has some sort of Mark on ther Body, So think, Before you Speak, you stupid Fuck, if you not liKe, what i put n my Blog, Get the Fuck off!

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  1. NinaShay says:

    Bimbo, tell these haters to get off ya fuckin website! Pshh Im a female, with an all real ass. My shit got stretch marks and freckles! Why? Cause its not silicone & my dudes still love it! That Montana Fishburne chick got pimples and spots all over her ass like a dalmatian. HA

  2. WTF is pressed says:


  3. Anonymous says:

    Bimbo please!!!! I was expectin her to have a dick between her legs or somethin. Who cares if the bitch photoshoped her ass.

    WOnkWonka GO!!!

  4. Smashboogie says:

    Bimbo! I took that pic n truthfully she don’t have any stretchmarks….
    But if needed I will Photoshop the shit outta bitch! Lmao holla @ me!

  5. Cole says:

    Wonka wonka go!!! Shut um down Bimbo!!! Lol

  6. Thuglifepassionsex says:

    You know i’m only messing with you.. 😉 I got my response hah

  7. Thuglifepassionsex says:

    First of all Bimbo! you need to calm the hell down and second I know exactly what you said, you dirty Tramp!!

  8. Lady_c says:

    Bimbo u kno sum ppl cnt read nor comprehend shit…they only c wat they want…#jussayn

  9. Ladyvixen says:

    I have taken pictures as such and let me tell you my pictures come out like this. It depends on what type of camera u have too. I own that Ashton kutcher coolpix camera. And let me tell you his camera are top notch.

  10. Thuglifepassionsex says:

    bimbo you wish you was a woman, thats why you hatin, right bitch!? who da fuck cares if its fake especially me. I don’t give a fuck if women these days want to be fake as hell. I’m into men, I fucks with dudes. Btw shes cute if I was straight she could get it.just saying


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