PArt 1:

PArt 2:

Part 3:


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  1. Walter says:

    You should call it on the corner with a bimbo.

  2. Walter says:

    I had to subscribe after watching these videos. I think you should do this more often. Take it to the streets.

  3. Ladyvixen says:

    Bimbo job well done. A little piece of advice. When you get a chance look @ the way you were holding the mic. You were swinging it all about I thought you was going pop somebody. Another thing I know you were excited and having fun but you were nervous. Get more practice talking too the ppl and I am certain you will have it down pact. Not saying that you don’t but be a little more relaxed without the drink. Wink wink. Love you soooooo much. Over all you got out there and worked the line like no body business. Love your ensemble. Proud of you hunny!

  4. TopGaySluttyBimboFan says:

    Loved it! I love your interview style and I hope many more great things flower from this! and keep being yourself!

  5. Bimbo #1 fan says:

    bimbo you always leave us but when you come back you come back hard wow that was like watching you on tv, im so proud of you, you are ready for tv baby this was better than anything on tv, work it bimbo it was like a million people out there you worked that whole line we want more


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