Dam, I Would love Getting my Cuchie eating, While I’m at Work, Yes Hunny? YOU EVER HAD, SEX ON THE JOB? If yes, TELL ME ABOUT IT?

9 responses »

  1. MasterG says:

    i guess his birthday wish come true

  2. Ladyvixen says:

    Ooooh that looks like so much fun! LOL! Mess around & get pregnant!

  3. Tiara says:

    Yes bitch! face all in that pussy!

  4. prettyeyes says:

    ha! ha! ha! where do u find these pics bimbo! u r truly a mess! keep it comin tho!

  5. applebottom says:

    He looks like he cant breathe.

  6. MsTaurus says:

    DAMN!!!!! IS ALL I HAVE 2 SAY.

  7. De'Shon says:


  8. fcukouttahere919 says:

    1 day the boo-ski came 2 pick me up from work. He was lookin oh so xtra good that day so I took him n da bathroom I sucked that dick 2 completion hunni lol. i couldn’t help myself bimbo! We gathered ourselves n walked out like nothing happened. no1 seemed 2 notice. ah good times!

  9. This DL_shyt says:

    This one time I took my boy into one of our vacant apt. Close to the office. We do our thing the way vers guys do. I look out the window and see my district manager. We finish up and walk by her like he was a future tenant looking for a new place to stay.


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