SAY dEM 4 Words, LOuder  –>>> “FIX YA, WIG GWARL” —————->>> LOUDERRRRRRRRRRRRR! LMAO, I cANT!  SHUT UP BIMBO! ——————–>>>

10 responses »

  1. alashawn says:

    LMMFAOOO at the comment “what is piece holding onto skin?” *falls on floor*

  2. applebottom says:

    What the hell is the piece holdin on to…. skin???

  3. YellaKusha says:

    rotflmfao!!! Bitch! You betta FIX YA WIG GWARL!!!… NOW!

  4. Anti Jemima says:

    awwww LAWD. I would not let my granny out the house like that!

  5. itsBRATZbitch says:

    Sock monkey…#justsayin

  6. msmindyourbiz says:

    Just caught a cramp dying laughing! Funny as hell!!

  7. eb says:

    It is time to give it up Ma. Just shave it all off and start over. Ladies you keep up the perms and this will be you one day.

  8. Ladyvixen says:

    Why somebody let her out the house! Go and get her a wig. Oh my oh my. Omg! That’s just horrible.

  9. Anonymous says:

    SMH…… the nerve of her to have a ponytail on with those sad edges!! Imma need for her to go buy a wig!!

  10. MRS.N.LEWIS says:



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