Still the Sexiest RAp BitCh Alive, YOu Say What? ————–>>>>

13 responses »

  1. RomansBarb! says:

    Ummm like I said about that Kim person WASHED!

  2. t@mmy f@y says:

    bimbo admit it you want foxy in your bed.

  3. pookie628 says:

    there go my bitch foxy!!!!! wit the ill nana i swear bimbo is like my secondary twin!

  4. Ladyvixen says:

    Oh shit! That ain’t right @fcukouttahere919

  5. fcukouttahere919 says:

    uhh i guess…we aint got many rap bitches 2 choose from!!

  6. Bon Qui Qui =D says:

    Update CHurr SHit Bitch! Only 1 R U Kiddinn MehhQ! Ur GOnna MAke Perez Beat CHu! WOnka WOnka WOnka EwhHHH!H!H!H!H!HH!H!

  7. sackstacks says:

    I don’t know who this girl is and what she does foxy is just a regular chick to me. what is her real name anyway?

  8. harlemthugmiss says:

    Oh yea and did u read khia aka that my neck my hoe blog throwin shade on foxy?!?!

  9. harlemthugmiss says:

    I love foxy I jus think she has lost her passion for the game. Next year marks 10 yrs since broken silence… July 17. Foxy get it together gurl.

  10. Saditty says:

    She looks cute, but LMAO at how you ex’ed dude out the photo! One more thing, can Foxy get a more appropriate shade of lipstick? This coral color makes it look like she burned her lips with a curling iron!

  11. Nake says:

    I hope everything is good with Fox. She looks nice:)

  12. eb says:

    Who cares? Foxy I dont know how you making money but it aint with any music. The career is over. Trina is more relevant than Foxy. It is over. Try modeling for a change or you are gonna become a video model. And Bimbo you know it is true. Stop pumping up Foxy’s head when it is over. Get a reality show and call it quits. Ovah. I sure hope someone is giving you some coins for all the pictures you let being taken.

  13. Anonymous says:

    yes she is!! 100% real!! i love you inga get ya name back!!!


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