only in NYC –>> 2nite @ Tropicana in the BX! & 2morrow FOR THA GAYS  @ –>> EL Morocco in the Bx! Yes For the GAys, Owww! i Might have to Slide through –>> EL Morocco! THE QUEEN B, isN’t Done! She is still Alive! By the way, i hear, She’S shootin a Video for that –>> “BLACK FRIDAY’ Diss Record TOwards, Nicki! REALLY, KIM, REALLY?

4 responses »

  1. starr* says:

    Nicki is a wannabe!!! Lil kim said in how many licks that she was the black barbie n now nicki is barbie? WACK! Nicki go to hell wit ur plastic ass

  2. RomansBarb! says:

    She’s so washed I crown queen Nicki the new queen of hiphop!

  3. harlemthugmiss says:

    Big momma queen bee! Wish I could go but I’m away at school… QB 4 eva! And to that late bitch that posted b4 me aka sicki garbage! Hoe pls, no free promo.

  4. Anonymous says:

    bye lil kim!


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