YOu Say WAt? ————————————->>>>

6 responses »

  1. Brandon T says:

    Bimbo, you look a mess. Plus that chick u with looks like she just smoked some weed and drank some alcohol just to take the picture.

  2. RomansBarb! says:

    U look cute but she’s ummm not so cute sry bimbo… Pink Friday in stores now!

  3. applebottom says:

    I like ya sneaks bimbo, but why o’gurl got the plastic cap on her head???

  4. Scoobs says:

    ^^^I agree. Imagine bimbo with a tight frame, athletic waist, some faint abs, a chest and that big ol’ ba donka donk…. #man.

  5. RedBoi says:

    Bimbo love you like cooked food hun, but maybe it’s time to hit the gym. If you start now you could look fierce by summer!

  6. Ladyvixen says:

    Who is that gir?! What the hell bimbo


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