YOu Say WAt? i think, he is Very Sexy! ————>>>>

14 responses »

  1. quis says:

    he could get it

  2. black choco417 says:

    he is sexci

  3. RedBoi says:

    EB relax girl they are just contacts u need to chill, he sexy with them or without!

  4. Anonymous says:

    i would let him fuck me in any type of ways he want daddy is fineeeee

  5. eb says:

    I wish color contacts would go up in price to like 45-50 dollars a box. I bet you would not love them then.

  6. eb says:

    For all of you who love the eyes, you all must love the contacts. It aint real.
    Come off of it. Fake eyes. Awful. What you gonna say if you saw him without the contacts? He cant wear the contacts all the time.

  7. harlemthugmiss says:

    She sexy… But who told her to wear them contacts? Gurl it aint working for foxy and damn sure aint workin 4 u.. He still fiiine tho

  8. MSLADY says:

    Definitely sexy…..I LOVE his eyes!

  9. RedBoi says:

    I love guys like him, that’s my dream type of guy

  10. eb says:

    Maybe without those colored contacts he would be.

  11. mee says:

    Bimbo this mofo look better then trey songz and thts my husband lol he fucking beautiful tho damn lml

  12. Pinky says:

    Cute? No hunnie that man is sexy as hell. Look at them eyes.. Gwwaarrrllll!!

  13. Shauni says:


  14. borderline fioneeeeeee!


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