My CUchie –>>WEt, is YOurs? LMAO, lOOK NIGGA, Enough with all that DAm, Dancin! Let’s Get it in! Wat a LUCky bitCh, she is?Oh, What a Lucky Hoe, she is! But, i will werk my Magic, to Get him, LOL! Did he Make, your CUCHIE WET?? —————————->>>>>

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  1. Power says:

    Oh, sweeties We’re seidnng our purrs, purrayers and Light that you find someone who takes you both ASAP. We can only hope that the utter disregard your former human obviously has for you comes back to bite her on the *ss.

  2. RedBoi says:

    He a bottom waiting to be turned out still!

  3. honeychile says:

    that motherfuckin JANET JACKSONNNNNNNNNN is not gonna worry me with that motherfuckin song girl… wonka wonka eoooowww!!

  4. bigmannva says:

    BYTCH WHERE IS HIS XTUBE PAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  5. MSLADY says:

    I agree with Pinky, a rookie for sure. I was highly disappointed. His performance was very BORING.

  6. eb says:

    Well he can either be a good skripper or a good bottom cause he sho did know how to bounce and ride. I would not turn him down though. She should have been eatting that ass when he had it all in her face. Just do it bitch. Take some control.

  7. nene rene says:

    Yea. Just for a split seconds.. his dick looked long behind those sweats and ol girl was prob thinking ” if you don’t quit dancing and fuck me” lol

  8. sackstacks says:

    this dude still in high school bimbo lol

  9. Pinky says:

    He was a rook u can tell. She was too they both was 2dumb deers in headlights smh

  10. nikea says:

    i wud have been mad if dis wud have been me… just fuk da grl already wtf…

  11. Saditty says:

    She was lookin at him like, “um…what am I suppose to be doing while ur gyrating like a dog in heat and staring at the camera?”

  12. Anonymous says:

    what the hell……..i can’t


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