You All know, I’m Messy! But, 1 thing, you will never catch me doing is Picking my Nose in Public! That is Just Nasty! &, then this Meatball has a nerve to be at a Dinner table & She all up in it, DONT GET ME WRONG, I PICK MY NOSE & EAT MY BUGERS! BUt, for others to see, Come On Meatball….. I Can’t, I Can’t & I Can’t…YOu Say What ———–>>>

2 responses »

  1. TopGaySlut says:

    I can’t believe u just admitted to eating you Boogers..I can take any oversharing from u…but this was toooooo much!LMAO!

  2. RedBoi says:

    TMI Bimbo TMI!!!!!


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