BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND.. & JUST KNOW ———->> I’m going about the “DOWN LOW MAN OF THE DAY” Segment in a different way, this time! &  it’s not going to be everyday, I’ll tell you more about it tomorrow! But, were Kicking it off, with this Dude above!  ———->>> he’s 21, from Atlanta & he’s a Bottom & Cute 2 Owww! You Say What?

10 responses »

  1. Anonymous says:

    Raleigh, Nc pahaha

  2. Jairius says:

    Thirsty much? lol!

  3. boddy v says:

    oweee what part of NC?

  4. Jairius says:

    umm sweetie he lives in NC && He is not DL he goes with my homeboy! *lol* YOU gots to do better BIMBO with these LiESSSSSSSSSS!!! LOL!

  5. itsBRATZbitch says:

    He doesn’t have on shoes in that nasty ass bathroom?! He is going to have staph infection…

  6. ashley says:

    y da fck does he have his shoes off…??? wtf is he crazy…dat bathroom dirty as hell..smh lol….btw he got sum cute ass toes

  7. Adrienne says:


  8. Dex says:

    Bimbo yu crazy boy!! this is the 2nd person yu had up here ive met!! lmao love it!

  9. fuck dat shid i’ll go down on his ass


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