I’m truly Convinced, After Nicki Minaj Birthday Party was Over, LAst WEEk! Her, Cassie & Amber Rose, all went to some –>>> Hotel Room & had a Ménage A Trios’! I see it, I see it! You SAy WAt? —>>>>>>>>>>>

8 responses »

  1. RomansBarb! says:

    Happy birthday my love nicki hope u see many more!

  2. Nake says:

    CTFU @ applebottom’s comment! Too funny!

  3. Kavin says:

    Lovely picture.

  4. RedBoi says:

    Cassie Slayed!!!

  5. SexyBitch says:

    Would fuck em all

  6. starr* says:

    They all need some hair! I say this bcuz nickis hair is fake n cassie got that shaved shit n amber looks like a bald eagle

  7. applebottom says:

    Nicki’s outfit is a fuckin mess. It looks like she has white coochie hair.

  8. kjmleo says:

    I love Nicki’s outfit. you better wERk bitch lol


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