The “OMG, Youz a Queen” tour was in NYC –>> Last Night –>> MSG TO be Exact. (ABOVE) is Trey Songz, performin & Frontin as Usual, as if he likes Women, SMH! Oh  –>> you gwarls, would Believe anything! But, in any case, Get into that Hand,  Get n2 THAT hAND! I’m very Much getting a –>> Read, as i usually  get a Read from Trey Songs! If, Pictures could talk, Trey is saying  –>> Oh Why Can’t I come out the Closet, I’m Sick of fronting…. Ohhh ohh, ohh, Im sick of Fronting! Ok, I’m done! ————————————>>>>>

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  1. debbiedelight says:


  2. Anonymous says:

    thats what fags like him do, steal shit they cant get from there own, go to other blogs and take the news they put out or pics.. he is corny..

  3. Anonymous says:

    to the owner of this page..biitch how u gone copy and paste my shit on yo stuff..I HATE FAGGOT ASS NIGGAS LIKE YOU..U FAT SLOP MOUTH ASS NIGGA….BUT ITS ALL GUD I GOT MANY HATERS ON MY DOE. AND BIITCH U ONE OF THEM

  4. Anonymous says:

    bimbo your corny get over it, everyone you consider a hater. you don’t have the look or personality and you don’t have the skill to deliver, so for you to say oh someone took the time to stop by, douh, little kim had to listen and watch nicki to know what she was talking about, so to observe your corny page, its call think before they speak. there is no substance but a corny gay twist which over 2,000 other gay blogs do. your videos have no point to prove, you cant get a interview to save your boring life. you wine and cry about things you most likely did to yourself and cant except blame for, you talk about being shady etc.. when you turn out to it to people you were cool with at one point in time.. smh.. cant even call you a hoe, cause they actually get paid, your a simple slut since you do it for free.. I mean no one finds you competition because reading your work is not so much ha ha true, its to laugh at with no expectation or NEWS OR TRUTH to a story delivered..

  5. RomansBarb! says:

    Ugh he’s to fine to be a queen! Sry bimbo….Trey didn’t go bye bye from my eyes… ; )

  6. prettypinkpussy says:

    Hilton: hater
    Trey is so gay. Idk why people always defending these celbritys about being gay, how can you doubt what anyone does ESPECIALLY if you don’t know them personally all they see is him on tv and hear his voice on the radio, don’t know nothin about his personal life. Smh people are indenial and nieve (srry if that’s spelled wrong aha). Anyways I think it hasn’t come out that trey is gay (scandals) because he proply mess with other people in the industry who are on the dL too and in the same boat as him. But one day it will I’m justwaiting 🙂

  7. keesh says:

    lmao i am not like these other girls i can always detect a homo thanks to you bimbo and gay songs is definately a homosexual i just wish he would come out with it that picture is very funny though

  8. Anonymous says:

    FYI Hilton it’s pasted. If you are going to diss someone do spell check. I laugh at haters cause for you to come on his site just to say that proves you’re watching. So what he copies and pastes he does a better job of delivering it. So hush up and take notes cause his fans don’t play or take no bullshit! Now in my bimbo voice WONKA WONKA GO!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Your page is corny.. U copy and paiste things already aired by another site lol.. be creative with your news and info, have ur own informants that get the story st8 from the source.. how do u expect to stand out if u cant get whats not already circulating around the net already from some other and better blog..

    P.s yes this is Hilton.. You will never be like me..


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