BitChes & I’m Still Here! bimbo’S testimony —>>> Just a Lil Word 0f Advice, Folks, will try to Stop you from Achieving your Dream! They are mad, because you are working towards your dream & they are stuck at some Job, they Hate doing & stressed the Fuck out & MAd at you! I’m sorry you all, if you are not Happy somewhere, QUIT That shit! Life is about being Happy, Working at a Job, that U R un-happy with, is wat Life is not about! Yes, I work at a –>> Slave Job, I’m only there 2 days a week, Just to pay my Little Bills! But, understand, if I wanted to Leave that Place, I Will FUcking Leave! Living on this earth 25 years, 21 –>> Show Biz age, lol, You have to make yourself Happy, nobody else can do that for you! Whatever, you like wearing, Wear that shit! However, you like acting, act that way! If you are around folks, you cannot stand, leave them Mof0’s & Find some New Peeps, to Chill ArOund! I’ve been around People & still around people in my personal life, I cannot fucking stand, it’s only up to me, to change that! Life is a Movie & you are the Director, of how you want your life to be Playd Out! I’m sorry, as I write this, I’m starting to cry & my –>> Charlie Wilson Music is Playing! Why is he so Dam underrated, I love my Charlie Wilson, lol. Anyway, I say all this to say, you have to live for you & NoBdy FUcking else! You have 1 life to live, live it for you & no one else! ———->> Fuck Folks, who don’t have love for you & love the ones, who have the love for you! I have dissed so many folks, who actually had love for me, just to be around the ones, who never gave a fuck about me! But that comes to an end, I’m only loving those, who love me! &, you Always  –>> know da folks who love you! Them are the ones, you really don’t care f0r! I Just want all my —->>> readers, to start doing something, stop showing love to folks, who don’t give a fuck about you & Start showing love to those, who really care about you! I’m sorry as I write this, I’m getting very tearyd eye, so I’m going to go! But, Just know, show love to those folks, who show you love! &, if you have a Good Mother in your Life, Love her down! NO Matter WAt! A Good Mother, will always love her Child! No Matter what, Who or what that Child is! I truly dOnt Understand, how a Mother can Abandon her Child or Children! Cuz, sometimes, thats all a Person have is there MOther & I have a Good Mother & I’m just here to say, I Love you Mommy, with all My Fuckin Heart! I’m Sorry you all, this Message wasn’t suppose to go as far as –>>  it did! But, I truly appreciate you all for supporting my Dream! &, Don’t let no one or No Fucking HATER, Stop you from achieving your Dream, Because, with hARDWork & Dedication, it will Happen for you, Just Stay Focusd! HATERS, WILL TRY TO BRING YOU DOWN! MY ADVICE, is to either Agree with your Haters or Completely Ignore them! Anyway, Just want to say  –>>> I Love you All.. X0x0, Bimbo WinehOuse, Now Back to the Mess, L0L! &, JUst Know, if i Dont Die or Be Killed Off, WE WILL WIN, Thnk YOu!

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  1. Ladyvixen says:

    you are alway loved by me bimbo! I feel like a proud mama! although I have a son who is also a cancer July 17th.

  2. RomansBarb! says:

    Yea….real cute….

  3. Scoobs says:

    Damn this woulda been a fye ass video…..*side eye*

  4. hotwatercornbread says:

    That shit was so real, and made my day. Thank You for that, you are young, but wise beyond your years, and everyone can use this little nugget no matter what age.

  5. BABY says:


  6. Laura Keeps It Real says:

    I love this. Keep up the good work Bimbo! Wonka Wonka Owwwwwww xxxx

  7. IAdoreKathleen says:

    Preach Bimbo Preach !!!!! I Felt That Entirely 100 Percent… Real Talk Bimbo.

  8. Anonymous says:

    datss cute bimbo . yhu on dha cum upp i cant wait forr yhu too makee it biq ! i qot soooo much faith dat yhu will love .

  9. RomansBarb! says:

    Your so vain bimbo!
    Love ya!

  10. Hey Bimbo…I feel late as fuck! I was just turned on to you by a close friend of mines about a wk or so ago.. WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN! I adore your fearless personality, quick mouth, raunchyness, ALLLLLL the mess..I love it!!! PEOPLE LOVE IT! You have a bright future in media and apparently a STRONG cult following! You have star quality and what looks like to me a strong work ethic for entertainment something you seem passionate about. All of us with a hint of light and personality are hustling and trying to come up..I am as well and I love it! As long as have a solid plan, work towards you short and long term goals promote yourself and grind HUNNY!!! If your it your it! AND YOUR IT..You will totally have your own show with the creative control that got you veiwers and supporters…If these hatin ass (I hate to say it but queens) don’t support you now trust they’ll be all on you dick the day you sign a major media deal. Bimbo you can be a brand hunny! $$$ So these executives need to get it together and break out the paper work..I’d like to see you on cable maybe H.B.O. or the HERE ch or L.O.G.O not because it’s gay but because you can be raunchy and non watered WENDY! (womp womp) (but I love her) Vh1 may not let you say DICK ….Have your management send out a press kit with copy written ideas (so they don’t jack you) …Like that show 1 girl 5 gays they talk nasty as fuck You should try to be a panelist on that show..DO YOU BE YOU!!! I just found out about you and I’m ADDICTED + subscribed and whatever show you ultimately get I’ll be tuned in supporting..From 1 cancer to another (because you know you’re fuckin soft n pink) W E R K! ps make sure Perez don’t jack you like he did Wendy!

  11. MRS.N.LEWIS says:



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