1ST Off, I just have to say –>> I love me some –>> Vivica A. FOx Yess Baby! All the way from the Start  –>>> “Out All Night” Whatcha Know about that, Ha! Give it to me Baby! Go do your research & PUT THAT WHERE, BACK THERE, Cuz that Show, is Old Child, Classic though! Vivica is Such a Friend in my Head, as –>> Wendy Williams would say! In my Head, Viv pushes me to go ahead, get them Coins Bimbo! Fuck what they say about you, Go ahead baby, Get that Check, she’s like my older, wiser Aunt, who kicks knowledge & wisdom to me & we talk about everything from Making coins to Busting a Nut! &, then, Later in the Night, Vivica Makes me some Apple Martini’s & we start dipping it low, she puts her Lace Front wigs on my head, we make Tacos, Yes You All, this is everything that I see goes on, while Ms. Viv & I are hanging & Dipping it Low! Look, I can go on & on, Cuz you all know, I love me some Vivica Hunny! Any who, speaking of Wendy, My Former Friend in my Head, Wendy Dislikes me Now —>>>  2 Cancers, could never be the best of Friends, to Many different Emotions, Espically WENDY & i! Any who, Speaking of Wendy, Viv was a Guest on the –>> Wendy Williams Show, earlier this week! But, it was taped, Vivz interview comes on 2day show, I hear Viv went to promote her new lacefront Wig line and to discuss her ‘Cheaper to Keep Her’ tour with Brian McKnight  –>> (SHADES DOWN). So, I’m going to Probably Catch the 5pm show 2day on My9 & make some Tacos to go along with it! But, I’m so over the Paparazzi snapping pictures of Viv Alone & Xing her man  –>>> SLIMM out the Photos, as if, he’s something, Bad to Look at! Understand you Meatball Paparazzi People, The Ladies & Gays want to look at All that, Of a Man, Ok! (NO HOMO) Viv know her man fine & Slimm better Know, he Fine too (NO HOMO). Once Again, Slimm, YOu are in the Entertainment Business! Please, be Able to Handle Comments, Like that! Not tryin to come on to you or Nothin, B E Z! Just giving Out Compliments, thats it & Please Slimm, give me some DAM GYM Tips! i Needz me a Body! ANyWho –>> Because, the LADIES & Gays, request to Look at  –>> Slimm, Well ————>>>>
Kim Kardashian, Stay Away Bitch! Wow, Ladies, WHO CUCHIE WET  —>> WHO CUCHIE WET?  He’s Perfect & I’m JEalous, I dont look like him, Nor Have Him! Slimm, B E Z, It’s Bimbo! The Coolest GAY Nigga, You’ll ever Meet, Just Laugh Bro, Just Laugh, No need to Be Mean all the time, Laugh!  By the way Slimm, Not sure of your ZOdiac sign, But I know, Vivica is a Leo! &, Leo’s love attention! They Liked to be Chased! SO, Chase Viv Ass, She Loves it! Also, Viv don’t get mad at me, But Leo’s are Hoes, especially the men, & the Crazy thing about it is, they are not afraid to admit so! I also, hear Leo’s are the Best Lovers and they also love –>> long term relationships! Any who, I think you two are my Favorite Celeb Couple! Please, Work it Out, Work it out! I just love me some Vivica, Ok bye!

8 responses »

  1. Thespeaker says:

    Vivica one washed up knock-kneed attention hoe..that was harsh..ok..she just a regular hoe.

  2. Ladyvixen says:

    well I watched the show and they are talking about having a baby. plus vivica was talking about going to ESPN to do sportscasting. so who knows.

  3. Nake says:

    Aww I hope they make it BUT I dunno.

  4. MRS.N.LEWIS says:


  5. kaydream says:

    that is so very true us leo’s are like that!!! ain’t scared to say we have our hoe-ish ways. and we are the best lovers and do love long term relaionships (full of sex… SEX ADDICTS!!!!)

  6. msmindyourbiz says:

    Bimbo u know I didn’t go to college! I need pictures with short words. Ya funny tho…luv how you have an all out relationship with viv. And s.n. slimm definitely got this cooch ready baby

  7. RomansBarb! says:

    She’s washed he’s fiiiiiiiiiine!

  8. itsBRATZbitch says:

    *fantasia face* “Muddafucca I caint reed dat shit!”


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