—>>> Diddy Money, Excuse Me —->>Dirty Money Celebrated his Release, Excuse me  –>> their Release of their  –>> New Album –>> “LAst H0pe, for Diddy” Excuse Me, WhAt is Wrong with me, 2day —->>> “Last Train To Paris” with yet another –>> Release Party last night, It All Went DOwn in –>>> LA! CheCk Out, –>> the Celeb’S, LMAO, thAt Attended –>>>

KElly Price, Remember Her?

Teairra Mari, Who was Probably Out, Looking FOr a -> “SPonser”

Always Horny -> RAY J (SHADES dOWN)

Why is She FaMous  –>> Teyana Taylor (SHADES DOWN)

Sexy, BUt no On Cares -> Ciara

DAm Diddy, No One Cares!  A BUnch of Who’S & Nobodies, LMAO! You Say WAt?

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  1. Ladyvixen says:

    wow! first off y he kept dawn from danity kane and not D Woods. y’all remember? and who is this other chick? like what her name? plus how long this group going to last? I am done. so done stick a fork in me

  2. Saditty says:

    What color chalk, oops I mean, lipstick is Teyanna Taylor wearing? She looks like she’s kin to Tyrone Biggums in this photo.

  3. Scoobs says:

    Hold up Bimbo Bitch!!! lol. CiCi and Teairra Mari are hot. But what the hell did kelly have on??? Bitch “Party” not “Hood BBQ”

  4. Nake says:

    How long is this group “Dirty Money” going to last?

  5. MRS.N.LEWIS says:


  6. msmindyourbiz says:

    In other news…

  7. DEE says:

    diddy is all washed the fuck up in the music industry
    can anyone say he ran out of remixes lmmfao
    and them two chicks he has with him what are their names dirty money well to say the leasty they look like dirty tranneys but then lok at didys history tranneys are all he has left in his world.
    he fell off when biggie was murdered…..

    now please stay in your lane p duddy its a rap iroc and the clothing line along with your cologne is what you need to focus on . until that fizzles out..
    can anybody say where is blcak rob, loon, mase, and yes aubrey o’day is doing porn,,, dam he can make people dissapear into the dust …
    well now duddy it is your turn to bite the dust, its over

  8. RomansBarb! says:

    Booooooooooring so I say what! Hmmmmm bye bye

  9. IAdoreKathleen says:

    Teairra Mari is BBBBBAAAAAADDDDDDD !!!!!

  10. applebottom says:



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