You all May think –>>> This Outfit is Tacky, But I L0ve it! I sure d0! You Say What? —————>>>>>

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  1. Tayonda Durham says:

    Oh and by the way bitch u so tuff, a BITCH neva told me I looked a mess….. You don’t want to get fucked up

  2. Tayonda Durham says:

    YALL must be mad…. No kids and still a bad BITCH. I bet I can have YALL man… BITCH the shirt cost more than ur fucking rent, it was Cavi… Yup I sure do boost YALL broke ass bitches might need an order for ur kids…

  3. eesha says:

    u nasty girl

  4. Ladyvixen says:

    real talk I am a 27 year old female, thick but propotionate. okay the outfit is nice. but 2 wear it out in the public NO! to wear it in the house for my man or even if I didn’t have 1 I would not be caught looking like that. Men get tired of seeing woman dress scantily clad like this in public. Have some decency. Now nothing wrong with being sexy. I am all 4 it. but tone it down. men are going 2 see you.

  5. RomansBarb! says:

    Ummmm…hmmm…. {blank stare} extremely washed

  6. bimbos number 1 fan fo real says:

    OMG that is Tayonda Durham thats was at the rick ross concert in rochester i told her she was a mess look at her facebook profile and by the way check out her girl Aiysha vereen a REAL MESS!!!!!lmfao and just to know this bicth be boosting ha ha ha ha ha O by the way she was just arrested at walmart and ran out the store and got caught in the thruway check it out at lmfao ha ha ha hai cant stop laughing I LOVE YOU BIMBO!!!!!!

  7. mee says:

    Who Let her come outside lookin like a fat ass baby Huey? LMFAO

  8. sackstacks says:


  9. starr* says:

    Wow look at her nasty titti hangin there… Eww…. I wouldn’t wear that shit ever in my life!!! Yuckkkyyyy

  10. MsTaurus says:


  11. MSLADY says:

    I mean the outfit might be cute…..but not on her! Know how to dress your body people! #imjustsayin

  12. eb says:

    No the outfit is not tacky. That bitch is tacky. Tacky, triffling, hoeish, slutty, ill kept, trashy, skank, nasty, slutty, fat, ugly bithch. Come on mah. You cant wear that. You can but you cant wear that. I can also walk down the street naked but i would be arrested. Come on stop it. Have some respect for yourself and let’s talk here. No one wants to see all that if it looks bad.

  13. mandingo says:

    i’d suck dat bytches titties right in da club too Bimbo


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