You All KnOw, I’ve always been a Supporter 0f my BOi  —>>>> Young Platinum –>> (SHADES DOWN)! Too Be honest, I call him the Female  —>> Teyana Tayl0r –>> (Shades DOwn)! BeCUz —>> I’m still trying to Figure out  —->>> WAT THE HELL –>> IS IT, THAT HE D0? Wait, WAit, Wait –>> I kN0w 1 thing, Young Platinum does —>>> He’S  always tryin to Look  —>> Sexy! He tries & tries & tries & I must say, the Ladies & Gays  –>> L0ve him, They D0! AnyWay –>> here’s his most recent Picture & I must say  ———–>> I am impress! SOme1, has been in the Gym! Maybe n0w, he has a reason for me to try to turn him out, Lol! But you say what, Sexy Or Try Again BOy?  —->>>>

5 responses »

  1. Ladyvixen says:

    LOL @ Ms. Lady comment

  2. MSLADY says:

    Hit the gym for like 3 more months….then try again!

  3. kel says:

    Yea. He is very cute.

  4. nene rene says:

    Plz try again #not cute and he looks little.. #BOOOO


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