N0w yOu Know  –>>> White People have to Live UP iN ThAt  –>> Bright ASS HOuse! Aint No way —>>> Black Folks going to have all them Dam Lights on, LOL! We All StrugglN t0 Pay Our –>> Electricity bill NOw! I mean, that is Just too Much! Dam  —>> Rich ASS White folks, LOL! BUt –>>> I don’t know, I’m just not so much into the Christmas Spirit this Year, Are you? The Only folks gettin –>> Gifts this Year, are my Momma’S —->>>> Grandma & My Momma! &  —>>> Ayeee YOu wanna Know –>> WAt I’m getting them, Well  —->>>>>
Merry XmAS & G00d LUcK!

9 responses »

  1. Anonymous says:

    bimbo you r such uh mess for this. lol

  2. MSLADY says:

    LMAO….U a fool Bimbo! 🙂

  3. Anti Jemima says:

    u stoooooooooooopid lmao

  4. This DL_shyt says:

    What if they do win? Best gift ever

  5. C@ndi3 Fr3@k :P says:

    Dammnn they got more lights that the Las Vegas Strip.lol Someone’s gonna have a fuked up light bill come Jan. 😛

  6. Jasmine says:

    too much

  7. eb says:

    Or at least a new wig. Bimbo are u that broke?

  8. mandingo says:

    i thought it was gonna be a naked big booty bottom hog tied wit ribbon around his meat and a ball gag in his mouth lol

  9. YellaKusha says:

    lls!.. I can’t! U terrible Bimbo!


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