Remember  —>> thAt Big D*** Trade Dude (PICTURD ABOVE), I Showd you all  —>>> the other day! Most of you —>> Bottoms, Females & Down Low Men, fell in Love with DUde! & Al0t of you all ->> Emailed me abOut More  –>> PictureS of Him! Well, YOu Horny M0fo’S –>>> I GOt another 1! It’s the same Picture, but this time ———->>Dude is HOlding his MEat ————->>>

 Yessssir! You SAy WAt?

15 responses »

  1. HoustonBOSS says:

    I know him, he and his lover are from Houston TX, and I believe they are in NYC “visiting” but yall know what that mean. If you think he is fine you shold see his lover. SO yall know im not hating gave them props but… They are both WELL known male prostitutes and word around the H, is that they are sick……They invited me for a 3some but I declined, too much shit out there for all dat and them niggas is cheap HOOKERS!!! And I put that on my granny yall no lies

  2. King_dreams says:

    lmao they done got chuck, i told dat nigga be careful

  3. applebottom says:

    WHEW… I had 2 catch my breath on that.

  4. tabu says:

    that needs to be inside some real coochie is all im saying…………..thats alll

  5. devon says:


  6. Anonymous says:

    I’ll Suck Dat Dick Sooo Good

  7. Blake says:

    Thatz the way I like it..

  8. teejay says:

    dayum dayum dayum james

  9. Bottom Boy Bliss 1984 says:

    yes dats how i like ’em thug and uncut wit a big ass u no wat dat they can stick all up in my butt so he can bust a fat nutt so i’mma b his top slut

  10. BLACK CHOCO says:


  11. damn nikka is u tryna give me an instant hard-on or an instant heart-attack lol

  12. eb says:

    Oh he could just come in, rip my clothes off and fuck me like a bitch and slap me at the same time. Just fuck this white bitch boi pussy.

  13. jonny says:

    yesss nd the way he satrin is jus ugh i want go for a ride daddy

  14. Anonymous says:

    Yess i want it!!!! please hit me up papi


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