Yes  ——>>>>>> Grab that Dude Ass  & do it in front 0f the Whole DAM ———->>> Military! Them Mof0‘s, cant do nothing about it! LOL, Not sure if you all are aware, But———–>>> Openly Gays can now serve in the Military…..SMH That’s like 75% of the Military, LMAO! No More 0f that Non sense  —->>>> Down Low ( Don’t Ask, Don’t tell) Bull shit! Yes, you heard me right   ———->> (Don’t ask, Don’t Tell) Bull Shit has been REPEALED! Oww&, Honestly, I couldn’t Serve or support anything, that couldn’t allow me to be Myself! &, Most of them dudes in the Military are Gay anyway! So, Congrats & H0w Ya Doin!  —->>>>

2 responses »

  1. Msdapradica says:

    Bimbo why are you so damn perverted???

  2. Kavin says:

    Absolutely necessary…
    Been a long time coming but finally it has arrived.


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