Why am i  —>>> just seeing this Picture! I was Fuckd up that Night! But, More importantly, What’s that in —>>> My Leggns, L0l? If, i could Suck my own —>>> “DONTAY” I Would, lol! Can you Suck your Own D*** or Eat your Own Cuchie? &, Do not say, that’s a Stupid Question! Because, some Folks can! Now, are you one of them Folks? Let me Know?  ———–>>>

6 responses »

  1. Daiane says:

    Underdog My parents just liked the sound of my mddlie name, Deianira. Turns out she was the 3rd wife of Heracles who accidentally killed him by rubbing centaur blood and semen on his shirt. Which I guess sounds like something I might do.Anthony Castonzo sounds more like a serial killer than a sex offender (though I guess they’re not mutually exclusive). And he’ll be playing here! I need to buy a taser

  2. Harlembrown says:

    please stop with the leggings boo… not a good look !

  3. Visitor says:

    I want to suck on Dontay

  4. MurderousKILLBILL Bitch says:

    Bimbo u look so excited. Whip Dontay out already so we can c whats really gud.

  5. RedBoi says:

    Actually I think you have to have some ribs removed in order to do it fully

  6. mandingo says:

    sum times i wish i could but i’d love for u to do it for me while i play wit dontay lol


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