i So —->>> Love this –>> “TACKY & MESSy” –>>  Outfit! i So, Wanna WEAR this Shit OUt Somewhere, LOL! D0es any1 kNow  —>> Where & When —->> Kim WOre this Outfit! She Got her Ta-ta’s, All Out —->>> KiM, is SO dAm TaCky, LOL….. –>>> But, More importantly has Nicki MiNaj Copied this outfit yet? By the way, you all, I saw a Video yesterday, that Showd ————–>> Lil Kim Did Play a MAj0r Role in Nicki Minaj Style! Would you like to see the Video? Well, ————>>>

IntereStN! –>> YOu SAy WAt??

9 responses »

  1. f@#klilkim says:

    lil kim aint shit all u bitches jealous of nicki… STEP YOUR COOKIES UP BITCHES!!!!!!!!!!!1

  2. Aybaby says:

    It look like she got a whole nigga package down there!!

  3. NYC Girl says:

    lmao.. my girl kim looks a mess

  4. starr* says:

    Yea n that’s exactly y ur a nicki fan bcuz ur only 13 and u didn’t grow up listenin to lil kim when she was HOT! U r too young.

  5. bryanna says:

    that wasnt nicki and im a only nicki minaj fan and i never liked kim. yeah, iam 13 but i have an open, amazing mind. i love nicki minaj but i just dont think kim has the it i like. im not trying to say nicki is better or kim is wack, im just saying, your look on nicki might change in the furture just like my look on kim will change when she cums out with something that is nice to myself. (:

  6. LadyB says:

    Nicki Minaj is wack why can’t ya’ll see that.She’s a fake ass barbie bitch who fucks lil wayne to get to the top, duh. On the other hand Kim is the realest She might be a lil over the top but that’s how she’s always been. But nicki used to be one of them dykes claiming that her and Remy Ma had a relationship. If u don’t believe me, the shit is on youtube. Queen B all day

  7. LordFocker says:

    ♕ ♕ Um Wonka Wonka Hell YES KIM SHE A CLONE CLOWN <<< Gets up like WENDY WILLIAMS LOL DEAD ☚ "Drops Mic & walks off stage" ☛ ♥℘.s.

  8. applebottom says:

    Of course nicki stole kim style, even tho nicki tried 2 switch up her rap flow….We all know what it is.

  9. Nanii says:

    tiddays all out


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