ThAt’s —>>> Nicki Minaj on the Lastest iSSue of   —>>>“KING” Magazine! I’m Speechless! NOw, thAt’s 1 thing  —->>> Nicki didn’t Copy from Kim was —>>> KiM Looks! Because, Nicki LooKS FUCKING GORGEOUS & Kim, Well… I’ll Just Say —>> I C Why Kim Mad? —>>  You Say WAt? ——>>>>>>

6 responses »

  1. mrs_moment4life says:

    Wow.nicki looks good.regardless to the other bull h
    Shit going on.she still continues to her. She got what kim got&more ut I still got respect for kim

  2. starr* says:

    Word where r the REAL women!!! Eve???

  3. IAdoreKathleen says:


  4. applebottom says:

    She looks good. I dont even kno why nikki and kim are at each others throats… They both have fake body parts…WHERE R THE REAL WOMEN AT???


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