Here’s a Recent Picture Of —>>> Female Mc —>>>> Lyn Carter & —->>> Singer –>> MiGuel! DA 2 —>>> Look Fab Hunny! Btw- A little source of mines, has let me Know, Well……You figure it out! Anywho ———->>>>>> 

5 responses »

  1. Lady Vixen says:

    LOL! wonka wonka oooooowwwweee!

  2. jimbo says:

    oooop’s let me grab the napkins its gettin messy in here… lol

  3. RedBoi says:

    Bimbo Hun u late, I clocked his tea the minute his fruity ass dune stepped onto BET and he was eyeing down Terrance.

  4. sktruth says:

    Bimbo, are you saying that Miguel is gay honey or am I reading too far into this lol. Anyways, his album is hot though~Much love

  5. IAdoreKathleen says:

    Yes bimbo i already know what you thinking hunnay cause i’m thinking the same exact thought. the picture speaks for itself


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