C, Who said  ——>>> GOD Doesn’t lOve US –>> Gays! There’s a —>>> RainbOw right there in the Sky, WOnka Wonka Owww that! So, HOw GOd Doin??  ——–>>>

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  1. Xquisite says:

    Smh @ Teeee What Bimbo Did Wasn’t Wrong is It A Coincidence That A Rainbow Symbolizes Homosexuality And A Promise Never To Flood the Earth Again, Meaning God Flooded It To Get Rid Of BAD People And That RainBow Tells Us We’re not Bad People And He Wont Flood Us Out.!

  2. Lady Vixen says:

    god loves everybody

  3. teeee says:

    i support you bimbo but for you to give a gay reference to God by saying “how God doin” is wrong all the way . God didn’t make the rainbow for the gays , it’s his promise that he will never flood the earth . SMH @ YOU BIMBO

  4. Travis Reid says:



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