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  1. Lady Vixen says:

    bimbo the beautiful queen. I love u and u have me smiling all the time. I even told my brother about u and I put my cousins on to ur website

  2. dmaria says:

    I love you Bimbo, all of the mess is so refreshing! LOL! Glad you are back boo! Yes honey 2010 was AWFUL! I am so glad it is over too! I did for others all year which got me no where.. Doing me until the day I die!

  3. bimbo..ur ass is gettn FAT bitch!!!!!!

  4. BitterSweetBitch says:

    Bimbo you bitch, you took a break, your messy and I muthafuckin love it bitch imma need your email I have a juicy ass story to spill with you bitch!!! Honey your gonna make a video response for that shit

  5. applebottom says:

    Long time no-mutha-fuckin-see, bitch!!!!!! Im sooooo glad 2 see u again. I was gettin worried.

  6. MF213 says:

    i am soooooooo addicted to you and your site!!!!!

  7. sexylilhelper says:

    ooowww ii miss youu bimboo :),,,wordd ii totally agree 2010 is over with def. dont go back but its a new year so lets live it up and do bigger and better thingss juu heardd lmaoo wonkaa wonkaa oowww ;)!

  8. t@mmy f@y says:

    Thank God Dante is back baby…we misssed u so much muah!

  9. krzykaoz says:

    I love you so much bimbo!!!!!!!!!! You actually brought me out of a deep depression. I can’t thank you enough for that! Keep doing what you are doing, cause believe it or not…….you help a
    lot of people. “wonka wonka owww” now let me go fix my wig gworl!!!!


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