My Weight is Slowy, But surely coming off! &, Every Nigga, I have sex with, tell me, I’m not Fat! They Love my body! My problem is, I look at all these other Niggas bodies and automatic want it! But, it’s Nothing though! Like, I said, My Body Slowly will surely come into Place, like My Career! But, this Summer is going to be a Fucking Problem, if im still living! All you Fat Bitches & I’m talking About Gay Men, Lol. Not real Women, but you fat Bitches, need to Lay 0ff them Barbeque Chips & hit the Gym! Aren’t you sick of all these Stuck up Pretty boys with the Nice Bodies & Fucked up attitudes But, all the Niggas yearning over them! Don’t get me wrong, Niggas yearn for me! But, I want More, lol. I got a Pretty ass Face, but I want the Body to go along with it! So, Just know, Niggas gonna have a Problem this Summer, LOL. I need my Dick sucked on.. So on to the Next Post! But, real talk, you Fat Niggas, get off the Couch & go work out, Ahh!

10 responses »

  1. FuckFace says:

    Oooh yall thirsty ass sissys be draining me! Lol get a drink of water and sit yo tired ass down…just another gay queen out 4 attention…smh

  2. Harlembrown says:

    Cardio and weight training and you will be as Perez says HAWT !

  3. Lady Vixen says:

    go bimbo go bimbo! get fly get fly !

  4. will.I.am says:

    I agree wit u suga! Time 2 get ready cuz here I come I gotta fit n2 my wedding dress lls jokin but I. Wanna marry my dude but not like dis doe! SO I AGREE WIT U SUGA

  5. REMY XVI says:

    BIMBO!! is gonna kill mofos this upcoming summer. go ahead pa get you body right and start collecting good folks all nite..

  6. Manti says:

    im lovin yo body bimbo.. i need to get like that.. mm hmm

  7. RedBoi says:

    Yes bimbo that’s the motvation that’ll get you that sexy body, and you can gc attitude like the rest of us!

  8. t@mmy f@y says:

    Bimbo you look good. God i pray u turn straight.

  9. ThaRealest says:

    im glad you are losing weight so you can be attractive to yourself but u should neva do stuff so that sum1 else will like you. one thing that’s wrong wit da gay community is that most dudes are lookin for whats on da outside instead of whats on da inside. #ThingsThatMakeMeSMH

  10. DAle says:

    ur the last person who needs 2 call themselves fat. u must have eye problems. i see nothing on u thats fat but ur butt n thats a good thing


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