I’m sorry——>>>  Keri Hilson Gwarl! Just like most of these R&B Chicks, Keri you try and try! But, I’m sorry to inform you Keri ——>>>> Beyonce will always be on top of you  —>>> From the lookS Of that Shelf —>>> Keri —>>> No One Cares! Sworry!  —>>>

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  1. Elfego says:

    Kev I posted a qutoeisn on the 16th of this month and I thought it funny when there was to answer and found out why. One must login but alas I cannot find how to register and I so much like your web site to be thee the best.So can you tell how to registerMr R McGregor

  2. YO says:

    you definitely got this from Brian’s facebook page. you should credit where/who you get your photos & info from.

  3. basically lol…keri is a stupid hoe who thinks sexy is gonna get her to the top, and im sorry to break it to you bitch but its not! beyonce is sexy but she has talent beyond singing, and shes baddd!! you cant compare so sit the fuck down, go stick ya head in a tomatoe (lil kim voice)

  4. keisha says:

    you know what you are so fuckin corny i know where you copied this pic from. wont you try and be original and stop swagga jackin . DAMN have an original thought!

  5. mandingo says:

    keri is just searchin for her niche experimentin inna few yrs ya’ll gonna be on her clitoris

  6. Lady Vixen says:

    LOL! I love this site! LOL!

  7. mindgames says:

    what a wack ass site. ugly, too. and from the looks of it, you’re just another typical stupid ass beyonce stan

    keri haters can gtfo

  8. Leah Dee says:

    without a doubt Keri is a beautiful woman and can sing BUT! i still don’t see her place or where she fit in the music industry as singer/performer.. yea when she came out as a singer i thought Mmmm how long this is going to last and she’s still here so somebody supports her singing career.. and yea she does try a lil hard to stay relevant. i think she should have stayed as a song writer like she was in the first place.


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