YOu SAy Wat??? ———>>>>>>>>>

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  1. Harlembrown says:

    wow @ all the stories … WOW !!!

  2. GrownandSexy says:

    Bimbo gwarl ima tell you my “first time I had sex” story, take a seat, grab a drink and tell that bitch sister Patterson to fix your wig gwarl fix your wig. Anygay, bitch I knew I liked dick the first time I saw my own. I used to be a lil whore as a kid, messing around with the boys from school and the neighborhood .. We used to go to the woods and hump eachother do the whole shebang. One time my whory ass was messing w this dude. He was a really dark guy w the biggest dick I’ve seen in my life. he took me in the woods … Mind you I was like 11 yrs old… I started being horny and I played w his dick for a lil bit. He asked me to suck it but I said no so he started humpin my booty. Dude starts gettin agressive and tries to take advantage of me.. He had me on a headlock and forced his big ass dick in my baby asshole… I remember I was in excruciating pain so I started screaming and yelling hoping someone might hear me. So I got away and I ran as fast as I could. Every since that da I kn there was never going to be any dick up my ass. Time passed and I really wanted some dick. It wasn’t till I was 17 that I sucked my first dick. This dude was working in the basement of my house so we got to the business. I remember swallowing that cock like I had been doing it for years.. I watched plenty of porno so I knew my shit bitch I knew my shit… Anyways I was coming home from school one day and he was there. We were by ourselves so we started fucking around. He tried to fuck me but it hurt so bad so I made him stop. When I turned 21 bitch my bussy just broke free.. I got fucked so good by this white dude w a big cock … Bittttchhhhhhh that nigga was fyan! His dick was so big that it wouldn’t really go in my whole. Anyways that was the first time I took a dick up my ass … Baby the second time, I started riding that nigga dick so goooood I surprised myself. I swallowed his cock with both of my wholes … He made my leg shake and my ass wet … I showed him what Spanish boys are all about

  3. LadyB says:

    I’m not ashamed to say the 1st time I sucked a dick. It was last year. Me and this kid was goin out and he decided it was a good idea for us to go to the “woods” . He told me is was a good place to be alone for us to do some real freaky shit. And bcuz myt ass is a freak i was down 4 it. So when I met up with him, he took me out in his hood and we got the woods and we was kissing and shit and touching,tasting each other , dry humpin’ and i let that sweet dick slide inbetween my ass cheeks. So when we decided to just chill, u know just take a break for a min he decided to stand over me with his dick hangin out in my face I’m like “You want me to suck your…” he was like “Yeah” I looked at it and i was kinda grossed out by it. So he put his scarf around my eyes and just said “Open ur mouth” and I did it. Then he said”Just do it like u see on the pornos ” I’m like “ok” . Then when it 1st hit my tounge it wasn’t as bad as I thought, in fact I liked it. Would I ever do it again? Hell yea cuz I like doing that shit, but only to the niggas I’m with. Women need to start doing this shit more often. Stop thinkin’ that it’s nasty cuz it really isn’t it don’t even taste nasty. It taste like skin. But make sure the dude is clean 1st

  4. cymone says:

    I just want to say i love ur messy ass. anywho i am a female and the first time i had sex it was with two and a half guys and i sucked a dick with some one cumming in my face within 24hours. it was a night from hell and something that i am not proud of. to make a long story short, i used to go to this summer youth program and i let this fine ass dude talk me into going to my house, he tried to put it in me all day but it would not fit, my mom and dad came home, caught us, cut him across his face and threw me out. i went to my old hang out and the most cutest and popularist boy was outside and he talked me into sex,and finally got it in and it hurt like hell. when i left late at night with no where to go i ended up sitting on my school steps with this guy smoking weed for the first time , the next thing i knew he had his dick in my mouth and came on my face, then i ran into a friends older brother who took me to their house where he fucked me all night long. I was so traumatized from that night i did not have sex no more until i was almost seventeen this happened when i was a fast as 12 or 13 yrs old i am happy cause i learned my lesson.

  5. Latte Smooth says:

    damn bimbo uu got a fa ass


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