Fyi —>>> “DONTAY”  —>> My Dick! Any who —>> I so Love My Papi’S —>>> Dominican or Puerto Rican, Whatever Dude is! Shawty could so get it! You Say What? —————–>>>>

4 responses »

  1. mismary_jane says:

    bimbo does anal sex hurt at 1st? my bf wants to do it but his dick is to damn big! he be eating my ass n shit stickin his finger n dats feels gud he tries to get it open but once he put his head of his dick in its rap i feel a pain shoot thru my body.

  2. mandingo says:

    i’d give it to da bottom right infront of everybody at da club

  3. Miguel says:

    Ooooh dude behind him is lookin good!!

  4. ktu says:

    Fuck da no ass havin bottom!! whos the top behind him! loll


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