Sometimes —>> We gotta Applaud —->>> Pretty Dudes –>> like Dude above!  —>>> The eyes –>> nose –>> Lips, everything is on point! But  —>>> the real Challenge —>> What he look like, with his Fitted Off, LOL? Na —>>>  I’m sure –>> he still Pretty without the Fitted! Anyway –>> if you a Pretty Nigga & want your Face to be seen, Email me –>>>, I got you! Till then  —->>>

8 responses »

  1. Marcell says:

    so what’s his name? lol

  2. pookie628 says:

    omg imma have to hold him hostage he can be my sex slave but he the one tearin my ass up lol

  3. @NiiK0Suave says:

    I know this dude!!!

    He def sexy with and with out

    #ShoutOut to Lavell up there in the comments I see you dude Haaaa

  4. kholbye says:

    Heeeeey look its my friend!!!! who ever made that statement bout he don’ t need a nigga in the mirror…GET OF THE GAS
    kick rocks wit open toe shoes, gargle bleach
    sit on glass fool
    c’mon jes cause you pretty don’t mean you sit in the mirror
    think about it…can’t look your best and be broke, so obviously he has a job and takin well care of himself
    stop hatin

  5. sackstacks says:

    omg my heart almost fell out my chest.. hes so adorable! I want him.. how much he cost

  6. applebottom says:

    He is sexy…but a little too sexy. I dont need a man that stays in the mirror more than me.

  7. Modellavell says:

    My boi stay fly with or without

  8. ikeem says:

    Jea dis nigga is baddddd ill take him down


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