—>>> Momma LOOkin Right in this PiCture & She —>>> Know it too! WOnka, Wonka Oww!! Werk it out Gwarl, HOw u doin! I have another  —->>> Big Gwarl, Who Just Know, She’s dOin it? Wanna C  —>>> THE OTHER BIG GWARL—>>>

&, 1 More time:

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  1. Mrs.Taz says:

    Fo all yall who want to hate on big gals FUCCK YOU BITCH!! Im one and i get just as much dick as tha next bitch. WHAT! Mayb u need to try one b4 u konck it, u might feel n love.

  2. BLACK CHOCO says:

    ummmmmm i dont realli have any words but “big gwarls need love to???!!!” other than that speechless

  3. LCash says:


  4. sackstacks says:

    Crusty lookin fat bitch hahaha I have no remorse for fat skanks !!!

  5. sackstacks says:

    Yuck!.. She look Extra stank and custy

  6. Shetah says:


  7. eb says:

    Even girl number one is not good. Awfull. Just stank. I bet is she took that too tight corset off her ass you would not be saying she looked good.

  8. mandingo says:

    i’d fuck girl #1

  9. applebottom says:

    Big gurls stand up!!!!

  10. DAle says:

    u betta work bitch!


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