1st  —>>> I Just have to say, Oww Shout out to them Niggas, they in my favorite Store  —>>> the Liquor Store  —>> Owww! 2nd off ——–>>> What the hell, these young dudes, are takin Saggin to another Level & ———->> I LOVE IT, Show them D***’s Baby! Um, ——–>>>

YOu all may say —>>> Wat a DisGrace! Uh No, Fall Back, Cuz —>>>this is Sexy  —>> But  Fuckin SAD & look at the 1 with the Leggns, Owww! Wat’s Good, My Niggas! BUt –>>> YOu Say Wat?

15 responses »

  1. Latrice says:

    That shit is farrrrrrrrr from cute. If I wanted to see a niggas d*** that wasn’t my man I could have watched a porno. Shout out to BIMBO!!!

  2. Lady Vixen says:

    if that’s the case just wear ur underwear. just nasty, ugh!

  3. @NiiK0Suave says:

    I can’t with his leggins Haaaa

    Personally I LOVE seeing niggas sag…..NIGGAS!!! not these dirty queens!!

  4. keemy says:

    Ddey all extra wack n none of dem is probably da legal age 2 drinl n don’t sag n advertise your lil meat

  5. will.I.am says:


  6. will says:

    At arrogant prettyboy, I with you I’m still waiting on that pic too!

  7. applebottom says:

    They all look dirty as hell.

  8. mee says:


  9. Arrogant_prettiboy says:

    Bimbo, to hell with this pic, where is the naked CB pic you said you were gonna post a few days ago???

  10. Dadecounty says:

    Lol bimbo this pic is staged hunnie gwarl

  11. Lici says:

    They look like they just got done bustin on bimbo’s forehead..lol

  12. IAdoreKathleen says:

    saggin to the extreme smh

  13. Sccobs says:

    @jay Right!!! Some hood sissies or dl trade ass niggas. Sagging should be sexy and mysterious not obvious and filthy. They look dirty.

  14. mandingo says:

    all them niggas is doin is advertising to gays cuz they don’t look intimidating at all

  15. jay says:

    is the dude in the blue hoodie wearing leggns? Jackn ya style bimbo lol


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