Um  —>> See all you —>>> Muscular dudes! If you’re going to have a Nice Upper body, you bettZ TO have a —>> Nice lower as well! That leg is looking right, wouldn’t mind sucking on ALL 3 OF them Legs  —->>> lol, If you KnOw, WAt i Mean –>> Dude has to be Very Conceitd.. But, Um ——–>>>

9 responses »

  1. Prada J. Orourke says:

    Is that Miss Juicy from ???

  2. Lady Vixen says:

    he may be a dancer. dancers have that muscular finesse.

  3. applebottom says:


  4. robertj says:

    his J.D. we’re talking so get my man off the site

  5. cutedreadsboi says:

    funny how dude is missing a neck line, so much for fine muscular drk skinned dude to rep w/o his face. shame.

  6. Hermes Jones says:

    He’s a cutie all the way around

  7. sackstacks says:

    Wow I want to lick him up and down!

  8. Shauni says:

    A+ i love legs !

  9. will says:

    I say DAMN, he can get it!!!!


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