I think, it’s the ———>>> Boots, I’m in Love with! Yes, You all ——>> Wendy is still my —->> #1 Idol! And, My Dedication song, towards the Queen is coming Later this Week! ———>>> Any who,  R U all still watching the —->>> Wendy Williams Show, or have you givin up on it? I’m still watching when i can, But ——->> I still prefer Wendy on Radio! But, just like Money, I’ll take her, however I can Get her honey child, How you Doin??? Anyway, What r u all thinking, SAY SOMETHING DAMMIT LOL, 2 million+ Views on —->> Shutupbimbo.com –>> 3 Comments a day, LOL! SAY SOMETHINGGGGGGGGG! ——————>>>>

6 responses »

  1. justme says:

    I pefer her on the radio she seems to be changing she is not the outrageous wendy she use to be 😦 I watch it when i can

  2. Shellisa W. says:

    I dont watch her show like that any more. I guess I just got tired of the HOW U DOIN. I also get tired when she talk 4ever about shows I dont watch like that House wives show & Jersey Shore. I dont care bout that ish.

  3. Lady Vixen says:

    yes I still watch! I love the dress! owwwwwwww!

  4. Evilbunnie B says:

    GORGEOUS! I also take my Wendy however I can get it… I love the show but I hella miss her on the radio, I really wanna see her get all up in the thick of somebody’s business and shed some light on their dirty little secrets.

  5. applebottom says:

    Oh Yea… Those boots are all that.

  6. mizzmocha says:

    She does look nice and them boots are hot!!!!


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