Well, I told you all, Earlier in the Week, I was Interviewing ——–>>> Malikha Mallette, the Mid-day Queen over at Power 105, here in New York! Well, things Happen! Any who, there will be a Second Interview Hopefully! However, Malikha finally met her Gwarl Sister Paterson & wat a Memorable Moment that was, LOL! Also, Shout out to Marsie for the Picture, Great Pictures Man! Also, Big up My Manager Toya & also Sarah, x0x0! Don’t forget you all ——–>>  Malikha can be heard on Power 105.1, Monday-Friday 9:30-2p, Wonka, Wonka Owww! I love that Woman, Just want her to know that!

5 responses »

  1. Yuliefbaby says:

    Mahlika is just so preetty;bimbo ya looking good babe 0ww!

  2. fcukouttahere919 says:

    I’m mad Sister Patterson is in a VIM bag…lmfao so hood. gotta luv bimbo

  3. IAdoreKathleen says:

    Oh My Goddness Sister Paterson’s VIM Outfit I can’t take It, I Can’t Take It !!!

  4. sackstacks says:

    not a grocery bag honey.. a Vim bag..straight ghetto lol

  5. pookie628 says:

    why is sister patterson in a grocery bag? lmao #ahotmess lol


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