—————->>> I mean, if you’re going to Drink Like a –>>Skunk, why go out alone MEATBALL? But, I’ll be honest with you all! I remember going to a ——>> Down Low Sex Party in the Bronx, Maybe like a year or 2 ago! Look Bitch, I Don’t Know! AnywhO—>> I got Wasted that Night Bitch! Like totally White Boy wasted, LOL! Because at Sex Parties, the Drinks are Free & if it‘s Free——>>  Its for me! Any who, I was at the 4 train on 125th St, Just like dude in the Picture above! Only difference, I had throw up all around me, lol…Pants were half off my ass & FOlks were actually trying to help me! This Fool in the Picture above, he looks like he is at Peace! Worried Free, LOL! Anyway, I wanna Know, Have you ever gotten this drunk & was out like this Dude ABOVE, I want to hear your story! Um ————–>>>

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  1. Lady Vixen says:

    I have gotten drunk like this! I was getting my back blown out! lol! the sex was off the chain. I had me some long island ice tea and shit my man put it on me! I think that when my man and I drink and have sex afterward we really be nasty nympo’s!

  2. .izz5star says:

    Oh what I forgot I was saying about me and my mom we are big fans continue to be you.

  3. Mizz5star says:

    Bimbo just want to let u know me and my mom I assigned her a church name sis. Ernestine her name is (Wanda). Well back to the point, just this pass sat me and my boyfriend were @ a club and we both got white folks wasted, by the grace of God we made it home. We were so throwed that I came in throw up then it was his turn. I I don’t even know who I made us some coffee and a sandwhich I just knew bread and coffee was goin to sober us up. We were still drunk.

  4. AppleBottom says:

    I did get drunk like that once, but i was with my boyfriend so he helped me get home, so instead of being passed out on the ground like the guy in the pic, i passed out like that on the bathroom floor. And the morning after….worst feeling ever. Thats why i cant get drunk like that again.

  5. nick says:

    OMG! Bimbo I was dead at your story!
    LOL 🙂


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