———>>>> Ok —>> POny, We see you Boy! &, We See –>> Everythin else, if you KNOW WAt I mean, LOL! You say Wat about –>> Pony! Um ———->>>

7 responses »

  1. Talita says:

    i don’t know why you’re getting so much stick on here lol. I agree with your comemnt. Kim’s booty isn’t plastic though, she has a fairly big ass naturally and she does butt excercises to maintain it and i guess, to make it bigger lol. I LOVE THE KARDASHIANS!

  2. X'Avriel says:

    dammmmm daddy fineee

  3. xavier says:

    where can i see more pics of this dude?..who is he

  4. Lady Vixen says:

    oh no! not my type. he may be too feminine for me. oh no. if a fight jump off how he suppose to protect me? I see that I will have to protect myself

  5. MikeBully says:

    No. IMMA need him to eat. them muscles on bones are looking all kinds of holloween. Cute face- but Idk his mid section is not it.

  6. Mizz5star says:

    Rrrrrrrnnnnnn!!! Gay or Bi!

  7. lici says:

    he looks a mess


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