—->>>WOuld you Like to See, Our Revised COver? Um, ——>>>>

 I’m sorry you all, we had to do it! Lil’ Wayne is very much giving us “HOW U DOIN” on this Cover! So, we had to add Wendy Williams! Furthermore, Lil Wayne looks Over! They Say, when Men go to Jail, they come out with a Banging ass Body & Sure Nuff Lil Wayne Body is looking right! Well, the Cover hit Newsstands Friday, for those who are interested! I really could care less, what Lil Wayne is talking about, that body is what Interests me!   

———->>> YOU SAY Wat, though?

9 responses »

  1. IAdoreKathleen says:

    Wendy williams wasn’t lying when she said that this nigga look like a virus. smdh

  2. Yuliefbaby says:

    This nigga here a mess,tattoos r sexy dnt get me Wrong but once they ineligible …it’s over stink ass expression

  3. Lady Vixen says:

    wow! this is a catastrophe! he looks nasty looking with his body tatted up like that. not appealing at all.

  4. sackstacks says:

    they photoshoped those muscles on him mhm

  5. Islandluv says:

    I’d cross the street if I saw him. This picture scares me.

  6. IAdoreKathleen says:

    Ugly, Ugly Ugly !!!

  7. nick says:

    look to the left!
    it says “i dropped my nuts & took it”
    (shades down)

  8. tops says:

    he do look gay

  9. Miguel says:

    He would be so much sexier without all them damn tattoos.Smh


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