————–>>>> Nicki Minaj —->>>> LOOks Great! You know, I got this Picture off Someone’s FaceBOOk Page! &, I was checking out some of the Comments! The Comments were Crazy! Clearly, Nicki Minaj is that Bitch! The Comments thAt the Females & SOme Gay Men were leaving were —>>> Crazy & Triflin! Why do Chicks hate so much on Nicki Minaj? Like, Seriously! Mad, because they don’t look as good as her! EVEN THOUGH, MOST OF IT IS FAKE, WHO GIVES A FUCK? I know —>>> that’s why I hate on some dudeS —>> because I don’t look as good as them, LOL! 2011 is the year of keeping it real! I’ve always kept it real, but 2011 I’m Keeping it more realer! But, anyway, Just want to tell Nicki Minaj, You Looks GOOd Hun & YOu get a Wonka, wonka Oww From —>> SHUTUPBIMBO.COM! Oh, by the way, this picture is a recent Picture & it was taken, while Nicki Minaj WAs in –>> London! I wonder, how the weather is OUt there! Because, we are freezing our asses off here in New York, Sucks, LOL! Anyway, WAt you got to say —>>> iS Nicki Looking “OVER” Or Wat? UM ——->>>>>>>

6 responses »

  1. Lady Vixen says:

    nicki looks very disgusting! in the fashion world that means fierce honey! just ask Andre Talley, a world renowned fashion guru! he would love what nicki is wearing.

  2. devarrious says:

    Tell me why I thought that was a damn doll

  3. MurderousKILLBILL Bitch says:

    Work Nicki!!

  4. bedstuy fly bitch says:

    LATE…. bye girl.
    (not a hater, just tired of her giving us these ‘contrived’ & very forced looks. They dont feel natural. Its a cute body suit & nice shades, but on her, she look like a hood rat seeking attention.)

  5. IAdoreKathleen says:

    This looks like something Gaga would wear. But it definitely looks cute on her and of course her body is the truth, Girl U Be Killin Them !!

  6. keemy says:

    Nikki is badddd n still natural pretty even with out make up n has a nice body beside da make up can’t say dat bout a lot of da female artist


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