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Yes, that’s’ all these Straight men want now a days are TRANNIES! And, I must say, I do not think these are Gay, I just think they are deceived in Believing that they are with a real woman! Some, Men Just get their dick sucked by these trannys without seeing the Penis! Other men, Just Fuck the trans in their Asses & tell them to keep there Dicks away! So, I do believe these men are still straight! Because they Fuck with the Trannies, However they will never fuck with a real, real nigga! They want the Tits & ass, No Dick! However, there are some Men who do fool around with Trannies & all they want is the Dick! Now, these are the confused Meatballs! They still cant deal or accept the fact, that they are Gay! So, they fuck around with the She-males, you know, so they still have the feeling they messing around with a Woman in reality, all they want is that dick! So Ladies, beware TRANNIES ARE Running shit! &, I feel like they running shit, because not for nothing a lot of these Trannies, look better than half of you females! These Trannies are always done! Hair, Nails, outfit is on point! But then again, they better be done, they don’t wanna get spooked, lol! I did say, if I ever did get up in Drag, Im not tucking nothing! These Trannys tucking there Dicks, Fuck that, My dick gonna be extra Hard in them Leggns! Ok, ok ok! But, Just wanted to give you Ladies the heads up, this is what the Straight men want Now a days, a Tranny! It’s like the man is getting the best of both worlds! And remember Ladies, trannies are still men Inside! &, Men are Freaky, so all that shit your man asks you to do, Lick his ass, swallow his nut & you like, hell naw too, Hello these Trannies will do! Trust me, I know!

You Say Wat though?

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  1. jeffrey says:

    eww tranny they are so fucking nasty eww eww i wish they just all just die catch something

  2. HONEY B says:

    1they have to stay made up becuz THEY R MEN!!!!!! 2u dnt want a woman to get pregnant use a damn condom 3u fuck a tranny u gay

  3. hazysin says:

    @Terron…everything you said is true. I didnt post to debate, just stating my observations of the society we live in. Shit i have heard throughout my travels in life.

    IMO the whole transgender thing is wrong. Not for any type of religious reason but simply because its not NATURAL. Dead ass—people can say whatever they want—to change your gender is to alter nature. I wont judge an individual at all but for a male to stand before me as an optical illusion of a woman is the most unnatural occurred on this planet…and vice versa. That “man” who got pregnant pissed me off severely. The whole concept sets the world into confusion. As the mother of a son..i had to explain why it is not normal to do that while trying to also help him understand that everything that is accept is not right. I don’t care what SOCIETY says….if people did not accept it, it would not exist.

    When i said that i believe that they are slowly trying to make females obsolete….it was not out of concession or agreement but out of fear. REAL SHIT—THAT TRANNY HAD ME FOOLED AND I AM A WOMAN…THAT BITCH SQUIRTED MILK OUT OF HER HORMONE GROWN BREAST.

    Take a step back and honestly tell me that you don’t see a blanketed role reversal amongst the male and female.

    Remember–these are just my thoughts.

  4. terron says:

    And @hazysin r u absolutely right…trannies do keep everything done more often than a real female. Thats because if they didnt, their true MANLY characteristics show. I peep out the most passable trannies because they might look like females, they dont act like females. They will never have a true female mentality bcause they were born MALE. Periods and babies are FEMALE ablilities. Having a Vagina, not a dick or some mutated inside out, chopped and screwed dick that they made into a vagina is a FEMALE characteristic. And if trannies are looked at as real women to these niggas, then y most of them r still on the DL about it!?

  5. terron says:

    NO NO NO NO NO! I have no problems with trannies and the dudes that fuck with them, but trannies r still men and the dudes that fuck with them are @ least bi. the “str8” dudes have to do a LOT of denying to do to deal with trannies (like ignoring that foot long dick in that pic) and dont ask for shit like baby pictures, high school/college memories bcause most likely they were still dudes then. and if u want a woman without “baggage” or “5-7 kids” then find a bitch with her tubes tied because trannies will NEVER replace real women bcause women are GODS gift, not Dr. Marcy Bowers, Dr. Saran Wannachamras, orDr. Joel Beck’s gift (google them). they only reason y they have “5-7 kids” and “baggage” bcause freaks like you always tryin to find the next pussy to fuck but never accept responsibility as a father.

  6. hazysin says:

    Bimbo….i usually just lurk but tonight—-you have dragged me forward

    As a 100 percent woman who was not too long ago a “working girl”, i would have to agree. IDGAF what these females on her say/think/believe…i know firsthand that you speak nothing but the truth on this subject. I used to “double” with a passable tranny when i first started. Initally, i thought ol girl couldnt be pulling in that much because there was a penis there….low and behold….that bitch made 4x as much simply because of the dick.

    @Mandingo….at least you are being honest. There are A LOT of males out there who think just like you. “Boi Pussy (bussy) don’t get pregnant” is what a dude told me once….shut my big mouth ass straight the fuck up.

    IMO tranny are slowly make females obsolete in more manners than we would like to admit to ourselves. They dont have the problem of “accidental” babies, period and baby fathers….real shit. Outside of that pesky penis (but like Bimbo said–niggas find a way to ignore it)—-they are quickly overtaking the average chick…..

    Plus—-you will RARELY find a good tranny having an off day…..HAIR DID, NAILS DID, ASS PHAT AS ALL OUTDOORS, TITTIES NATURALLY (hormones) PERKY, LABELS REAL, JAWS TIGHT, THROATS DEEP……i could go on for days but im not a spokeswoman for them…IM JUST SAYING

  7. Harlembrown says:

    BIMBO you get a big ole HEE HAW for this nonsesnse… but this is why we love you anyway ! NO WAY IN THE WORLD A TRANNY IS GOING TO REPLACE A REAL WOMAN….. LETS JUST STAY IN REALITY FOLKS. A

  8. Lady Vixen says:

    But excuse me Mr.Mandingo, um I don’t fit in that category about females having five and six kids and a whole lot of baggage. my son is 5 and iam 27 year old female who works and go 2 school. and have been with my man for 7 years. so not all women have that” baggage” you were referring 2. I hope that one day you come across a women who doesn’t have all that drama and have a change of heart. and if not I wish you love and happiness as you should. as far as the trannies they are human beings just like everyone else. and everyone has their own perference as to what they like and I think it’s a beautiful thing to be different. imagine if we were the same we all would be boring

  9. tabu says:

    I went to this web site about trannies i here so many celebrities are hiring trannies as escorts. Celebs such as chingy bow wow mayweather l l cool j jayz will smith etc are fucking trannies please dont forget eddie muthfuckin murphy these men are closet gay men still trying to hold on to masculinity

  10. BLACK CHOCO says:


  11. Heeeey!! m family,

    I don’t have a problem w trannies. However, I do have a problem w men who like individuals born w born w both “sex” parts. If you desire these individuals, you yourself should learn how to be comfortable in the skin you are in . I think this would save a of people “romance heartbreak”.

  12. Greek says:

    You know I love you Bimbo, but you say some dumb stuff sometimes:

    “They want the Tits & ass, No Dick!” There are people who have this…they’re called women. Come on bro, seriously? I’m going to fuck you in the ass but keep the dick away, as if the dick being there at all isn’t a turn on? There are literally more women in this country than men, and it’s easier than ever to get laid. Ducktales.

  13. Yulie says:

    Her cock is meannnnnn. Goddammmmn

  14. JUICY says:


  15. AppleBottom says:

    She looks jus like a woman…minus the dick.

  16. mandingo says:

    i luv me sum tranny ass alotta these females have 5 or 6 kids and i don’t wanna deal wit all dat baggage so i crossed over plus most these bitches are lazy,trifling,and washed up trannies are da new pussy

  17. shawn hendrick says:

    What do you keep saying trannys look better then females? I’ve only seen a handful of trannys that could actually pass, and it doesn’t matter whether they hide the dick or not, the men fucking them are still fucking with niggas, the same way the men in prison have sex with the fem queens are try to call themselves str8, whether you’re fucking a tranny or queen its still a nigga.


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