YOu Know —->>>> i laugh at the Fact That  —>>> 90% of Gay Men, all think & want to be   —>> Models! Like WOw  –>>> there’s a Million Other Jobs —>> YGay niggas can do! And, YOu want to Model, —>> Good Luck! But, So Often, do I find SOme dudes –>>  who actually has that –>> “IT” Factor to make it! Not sure what that –>> “IT” Factor is, but they have it! Um, I say all that to say —>>> Big up My Dude —>>> Eric(ABOVE). We support him on Shutupbimbo, Heavy! Dude is very Sexy & very Talented! And, Eric will go Far! He has the Whole Package! Cuz, a lot of ya Niggas Got Nice Bodies, Mines Coming soon! but you have to have the Whole Package! Body, face, Attitude & more! For Example, this DUDE (BELOW) Body is Crazy, but that Face is —>>> Well YOu all see it: & Please Stop, I’m not throwing Shade! Dude is Sexy, But he Got them Weed Lips! That look is wrong! Maybe I’m wrong! Look, this is Just 1 Dude Opinion, Maybe I’M AM WRONG! I’ll still sleep with him thOugh! You know, in the Gay world, Who Cares about a Face, When You have a Sexy Ass Body! SMH @ this Gay LifeStyle, So Fucked up! But, Imma Shut up!  ——–>>> YOU SAY WHAT? Um —>>>

5 responses »

  1. Josyanne says:

    We all have dreams, and beconimg a singer is all I’ve wanted to do since I was 3 years old.I know that most people are going to scroll past this, which is totally ok. You came to listen to Eric, not me.But it would mean SO much to me if just one person took a few minutes to check out my videos.I know this is a lot to ask, but if you’re still reading this, please push the thumbs up button so more people can see it:)

  2. modellavell says:

    awww bimbo u are amazing, i love how u are there for me it means a lot to me and ur helps is amazing to me and what im trying to do… muah

    and lady vixen u are the best thanx for the love. i hope life brings all u need and want stay blessed

  3. Lady Vixen says:

    I love the website. and I love that everyone who supports this site are real ppl. bimbo you are a true inspiration. love and respect you for that. the guy eric is very sexy and he has the ultimate package. he seems to be very humble as well.

  4. mz.yea buddii says:

    is that dude hair in tha second pic on his he aint finish unwrappin it b4 takin tha pic

  5. MusicBoy says:

    I Understand this is your site and you have freedom to your own opinions. I do not normally comment on blogs but on this I have to. Personally, I have no problem with 90% of the gay or any community wanting to model or have a career in the fashion industry. If that’s their dream or goal then so be it. Who are you to tell them no? Sort of the same thing could be said about you(Bimbo) “Every Loud and Ghetto person thinks their *Loudness & Messiness* is something Unique therefore they should have their own show or be on Radio or T.V. somewhere umm no it’s not, every street corner has a “Bimbo” so to speak. I Agree Eric is very talented and with any career if you’re passionate about it, work hard consistently, you will achieve it. I’m a witness to that on so many levels. I know a few gay guys who are doing very well in the modeling industry and not all of them look like Eric or have the typical “Good Looks”. They are successful because they’re putting in the hard work to get to where they would like to be in life. Yes I agree about having the “whole package” but I know many of celebrities who weren’t “The total package” when they first started out but they showed potential and worked hard on the issue to better themselves to become that Total Package. This comment was not to disrespect you or anything of that nature, it’ s just my response to your opinion.

    Much Love



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