——–>>> Um Chris –>>> Aren’t YOu gettin a Little Carried away with them   —>> Nasty Ass LOokin -> Tats? It’S not even sexy anymore! Sexy Nipples though baby, LOL! Chris was so cute, coming up! You would never think, he would turn into this TattOO Freak! BUt again  –>> Sexy Nipples thOugh, i WOuld Love to SuCk On them, ha!  —>>> YOu Say Wat? Um ——–>>>>

6 responses »

  1. Lady Vixen says:

    yeah I agree. look at Lil Wayne with his whole chest and arms tatted up. after awhile it looks really ridiculous. later on I know they are going to regret that they even considered getting tattos.

  2. Yulie says:

    WTF is that armor shield. Look ? At one he just stopped caring what he got tatted on him….but I would still suck that dick tho!!! Make him moan owwwwww! ! Bimbo keep going & stay focused!!!

  3. Bee says:

    He’s just too light for all tht


  5. IAdoreKathleen says:

    i would love to suck them too lol. But from what I hear tattoo’s are an addictive thing once you get your first one and for him to get his whole right arm filled up like that just looks nasty on him or anybody

  6. keemy says:

    He badd regardlessly sexy azzzzzz


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