———>>>> I Can’t, I Can’t & I Won’t! You Say Wat? Um —>>>

15 responses »

  1. JamericanBarbie! says:

    Smh I hope nobody!

  2. WTF is pressed says:

    I follow him on twitter! What a sweet heart! And treybaby read the girls their rights!

  3. Yulie says:

    I was gonna comment on a hater on this blog, but i wont violate on my fav. Blogggers website….till we meet again

  4. Star says:

    Omg! Hot ass mess!

  5. Lady Vixen says:

    he is giving that ghetto fab face!

  6. mandingo says:

    looks like the-DREAM had a wardrobe malfunction

  7. treybaby says:

    yu all are hella, hella dumb as fuck. his style is everything. most yu FAGS are jus mad cuz yall look like shit 99.9 percent of yall life nd cant afford shit. thats why we as homosexualls have such a bad name. because of hating as idiots like yourselves. and since we on the subject of ugliness, have yall not SEEN bimbo himself. i mean really!?? and yu have the audacity to fix your mouth and say something about someone else. get the fuck outta here =)

  8. kaydream says:

    bimbo you might as well say it.

  9. I guess i , i like the glasses

  10. teeee says:

    mine ! damnit eric you told me you was gone stop dressing like that after the baby came . WTF !!

  11. 757mistress says:

    That chick Janelle Monet….
    Either that or he’s her back up dancer or something! Wonder if he can do that one legged dance thang she be doing.

  12. bimbowinehouse says:

    Na.. I havent!

  13. MurderousKILLBILL Bitch says:

    Bimbo u posted this pic before.

  14. IAdoreKathleen says:

    I could of sword u posted this picture up before but hey that hair style is fierce hunny. everything else ummm not so much.

  15. Cr3m3 says:

    This that doo doo stain over his lip?


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