There’s 1, FOr the Other 2 –>>>

Lmao.. Ask my Mommy  –>>> I watch these same Oh FUCKIN Movies  –>>> Over & Over & Over FUCKIN again & Never Get tired of them! I SO FUCKIN LOVE THEM….ESPICALLY MY “SET IT OFF” King Latifah, did her thing….. Anyway, —>>> Wat’S ya -> 3 Favorite Movies of All-time?

6 responses »

  1. mee says:

    all 3 of those are my shit what u know bout low down dirty shame bitch lmaoo

  2. Yulie says:

    Lol @king latifah!

  3. Lady Vixen says:

    yeah I love set it off!

  4. sexylilhelper says:

    set it off wass the shit and still is i like that onee betterr 🙂

  5. Set It off IS my ish

  6. 757mistress says:

    The Color Purple….”Mrs Ceiley…you sho’ is ugly”

    Friday After Next….(To the church ladies) You hoes is using the corner to sell pu$$y!

    Norbit…..silent screaming…”this is a mad house…a mad house”


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