Check Out, this Recent Picture Of  —>>> Nicki Minaj!  I think, She copying your Style, Yet again! Yes Kim, I know you rocked that outfit first! But, Please Girl, No Need to Make a Song about this! Just wanted to show you, she still Riding your d*** Girl, Ha:  ————>>>>>>>


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  1. bryanna Graham says:

    they not even wearing the same outfit and similar not even. brown lace front, blond wig. black leather jacket with fur, black leather jacket with frills and locks. blue ripped jeans, black jeggin’? . and you say similar outfit. more like newer version jacket

  2. marie says:

    I Love Nicki Minaj. Its barbie bitchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!!!!

  3. mandingo says:

    first of all lil kim looks completely lika tranny nowadays i used to beat my dick to her she should just let nicki take da mantle she didn’t giva fuck about bein in da booth until nicki came along no young kids wanna drool over this skanky gma and there’s nuffin new under da sun besides nicki looks better ne way

  4. Star says:

    I mean we all know there aint NOTHING oroginal about nicki. Obbsessed gimmick. Nic[KIM]inaj ..enough said #imout

  5. a muthafuckn monsta! says:

    Kim’s sleeves on her blouse look like fuckn wet recycled wigs n shit. Comb dat shit plz *mom’s voice*! BWAHAHAHA michael jackson’s ghost face much?!? Lmfao #imdundun #teamMINAJ

  6. trinidon says:

    Nicki ahahahah i love nicki she’s hilarious!! muahh mi trini gyal

  7. a muthafuckn monsta! says:

    yo she did dis intentionally mocking kims stupid ass pose. It was sublimial. Haha I fuckn love nicki. She tryna do wat kim did twice as better and she did. #period

  8. Adrienne says:

    Oh no bitch. Check the pics from Nicki’s Pink Friday shoot. She did it FIRST. And it don’t matter WHO did it first, NOTHING IN THE WORLD IS NEW. Actually, they both copying whoever designed the shit! IT’S NOT THAT SERIOUS.

  9. Wanita says:

    O pleeeease bimbo… kim look like she cut off some indian woman’s ponytail and super-glued it to a fake alligator vest she bought downtown!!! Nicki’s corset looks very expensive, origami-esque oriental high fashion…

  10. Lady Vixen says:

    well it don’t matter who rocked it first, honestly this is the first time that both of them look hot wearing similar outfits. hands down!


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