Hmmm, I have my Cup FILLED for today & Hmm, Let’s see who’s Floating around in it! ———->>> Well, I see  Monique Fat ass, I don’t care How much weight Mo Lost, she will always be a fat ass in my eyes! &, All actually, I prefer Monique to be Big! She was Much more entertaining being Fat! As well as Star Jones, the 2 have become such Bores, since the weight Loss! But, getting back to Monique! Wait, real Quick, as I work on this, I’m listening to my Phyllis Hyman, “Living in Confusion & I Must say, love her! You all know, she committed Suicide back in the early 90’s! Anyway back to Monique, Well, She shaved her legs! I can’t believe, I’m reporting this, But apparently, this is making headlines, because over the years, Monique said ——–>>> she would never shave her Fat legs! But, Mo did! You Know, Mo is such a Meatball, everytime she says, she wont do, she end up doing! She said, she loved being a Fat ass, I will never loose weight & she did! She said, she loved her Hairy legs, I will never shave my legs & she did! And, I said ——>>> I wouldn’t spend all this time talking about Mo & I did, so Moving on ———>>> I Guess, She realized, No one is trying to Look at them nasty Ass Hairy Legs, Ha! Love You Mo, with your Loud ass Girl! Love You hunny!Do any of you all, still care about the Fantasia Situation? Cause, I don’t Give a FuCk! Fantasia situation, just goes to show ——->>> the Power of some Good Black Dick! These Two Meatballs still fighting over this Man, who I still till this day, believe his is a Down Low Queen! I get a read from Ms. Cook everytime i Sees Him, I mean Mr. Cook. Moving on! Since were on Relationships, congrats to Monica! Her & Shannon Brown, finally tied the Knots! Monica, can you please keep this Man, girl! Your Know, Monica’s relationships are Like Gay relationships, they last for like 2 days! So in love at first, then you get tired of the same ol Dick & you move on to the Next Dick, the Gay Lifestyle is such a Mess! But, No good Luck mo! I think, you found Mr. Right! Hey you all, Who’s Man is Hotter –>> Monica’s or Keyshia cole ——->>> Omg, I have to Go ya! This is why, I love this Bimbo Cup of Tea! A new way for me to Blog! You know, when everybody else is going Left, My Lonely ass is going Right, LOL! Anyway, I have to go record a New Video & go get my Check from the Slave Job, i need My Coins & Plus get my Haircut & go take care of some Business with my Manager! Anyway, I’ll be back tO update this some more! But, LOOK is there anything, you want me to Chat about, LET ME KNOW?  

But, Who’s HOtter -> Keyshia Cole Man or Monica Man?

11 responses »

  1. Tae says:


  2. Harlembrown says:

    Monica’s man is cuter… but sadly she won’t keep him… didn’t she steal him from his baby mama ?

  3. ashB says:

    yay you used the name is said ! lol . [ and k. cole’s man looks better ]

  4. keemy says:

    Dey both fine azzzzzz hell n I aint choosing

  5. Mrs.Taz says:

    They both can get it. I would love to have them both!!

  6. antonio says:

    Bimbo they look the same, but ii guess Monica’s do..

  7. martel203 says:

    I like this

  8. Lady Vixen says:

    monicas man is fire! oh yes bimbo see if u can get some pics of the DASH store in soho. I hear the line goes around the corner sometimes. love you gwarl! Wonka Wonka yesssss!

  9. Yulie says:

    Monicas! Lucky gwarrrrll

  10. nick says:

    Keyshia’s man 🙂

  11. Jay-Jay says:



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