the 1 with the —>>>Braidz! CheCk Out, hiS ->> TONGUE! Well ——>>>

 YeSssir! CAn i have your man for a Night! DOn’t worry, YOu can have him baCk! Na, i’m just fuCkin with ya, CUTE COuple though!

5 responses »

  1. WOW!!! says:

    I know the one with the braids is my friend Bubby, trust and believe that boy is far from in a relationship… I think its his kruptonite… But he’s down to earth and very funny as hell and masculine… and he vogues down!!!!

  2. eb says:

    They make a very nice couple. Love the braids. He kinda got that Castro / Supreme look about him. BOOM

  3. Kamaige Ja'dore says:

    I use to work with the one who has the braids always thought he was cute and sexy!! Still do lol

  4. Lady Vixen says:

    the tall one is but not his boyfriend. oh no the tall one can do wayyyyyyyy better! y’all don’t see how fine the tall brotha is? damn sexy ass!

  5. ballroomsnoop says:

    lol…brandon hererra and bubby revlon. the philly boyz are sexy


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